Master Evaluator

Description Of Role

In Brief:

Master Evaluator is responsible for evaluating the meeting as a whole, point out what went well and also what can be improved on for our future meetings. The evaluation portion of the meeting is often said to be the most important part of the meeting as it is the part  when we get valuable feedback on our  actions and speeches.

In Depth:

The Master Evaluator resumes the meeting after the Intermission/Break. This should be done right at 08:30 am. (Break usually last from 08:25am – 08:30am).

At 08:30, walk up to the lectern, bang the gavel and thereby resume the meeting. You might have to ask members to please take their seats as everyone might still be busy talking and mingling. (Coordinate with the Toastmaster to see if he/she prefers to resume the meeting at 8:30 and then introduce you or if he/she prefers for you to restart the meeting yourself at 08:30)

If there are any visitors at the Club that day, briefly state you role (see In Brief). If not, start by introducing the 1st Evaluator. Say who is evaluating who’s speech. Then proceed with a brief description/introduction of Evaluator. Here’s an example:

” Our 1st Evaluator today, Neil Allen, will be evaluating Marylee’s speech “Who knew?”. Neil is a season member who always gives the most astute feedback. Let’s see what he has to say. Neil Allen evaluating “Who Knew?” ”

You then shake the Evaluator’s hand and hand over  the lectern. After the evaluation, walk up to the lectern, shake Evaluator’s hand. Thank him/her, then proceed to introducing the 2nd Evaluator who will be evaluating 2nd Speaker.

Repeat this same process for all Evaluators. Most of the time we have only 2 Speakers, therefore only 2 Evaluators.

After all evaluations are completed, you then proceed with your evaluation of the meeting as a whole. We recommend using the Master Evaluator Form. That will make your task less daunting. Throughout the meeting, use that form to take notes on any and all aspects/ areas/actions you think can be improved. However, be careful  NOT  to give an evaluation of the prepared speeches/Speakers. The Evaluators already did that part.

After your evaluation, hand over the lectern to the Club President for Awards and Announcements.

Please click below to download the Master Evaluator Form.