Joke Master

Description Of Role

The Joke Master’s role is pretty simple. Basically you find a joke to share with the audience. If you care for a challenge, try to find a joke that matches the Theme of the Day! 😀

There are a few guidelines for joke selection: Joke should not be “dirty”, crude, racial or offensive in any way. Also, keep in mind that very lengthy jokes tend to not be as funny as shorter ones!

The Joke Master is called at the end of the meeting, either right before or right after President’s Awards and Announcements. Stand up and you can either stay next to your seat or walk up to the lectern to deliver your joke.

When we have visiting guests, we try to briefly describe our roles before proceeding with the duties of the role. That allows our guests to have a better understanding of our meeting’s agenda. However, in this instance, there is no need to give a brief description of this role before delivering your joke as the title “joke Master” is pretty self explanatory.